Pershalie Ali ~ Acceptance Card +GRAND T-shirt

Acceptance ~ Now

Today I open my mind and my heart to accept all that life has to offer. I understand that I may not always recognize the lesson or value of all of my experiences and must learn to be patient and to accept that in time I will know the true meaning of all that life has given me. I accept my greatest gift of now.  And pray that I will not waste it by worrying and complaining. Instead I will use now to fill my life with happiness and success. l accept that unbalance comes when I feel I have lost control. I accept that there are times and situations that are beyond my control. But how I respond is still in my control.

G  R  A  N  D

‘G’ – – – Gratitude – – – Generosity
‘R’ – – – Respect – – – Be Responsible
‘A’ – – – Seek Accepting – – – Always Be Accountable
’N’ – – – Nurture your gifts – – – Remain Neutral
‘D’ – – – Walk In Dignity – – – Be Devoted To Love & Happiness

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