Eila ~ Belonging ~ Planting Our Seed

Eila ~ Bellonging ~ Planting Our Seed — Extract from Parliament ~ Oct 17
MORE from Eila and Rachael, “We need to be creative in our own way. Some plant and connect through their  land that is a traveling altar. Others connect every time they plant in a garden, in any land, Some plant everywhere, in their steps as they walk ~ for they are joining the earth. Be Creative.”

One thought on “Eila ~ Belonging ~ Planting Our Seed

  1. I plant in ‘The Now‘ by being Present. In that place that is Everywhere, in that time that is Always, I am both empty and full. No me exists, I am and I am not. And I am blessed to be Connected, I am planted. And the mystery is in that state I am both planting and being planted. I try to do that on every breath. IN Breath, I am born, I am created. I am all of creation. OUT Breath, I let go of it all and join the formless one. These are aspirations. I am human. I do my best and I ask for forgiveness.

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