3 thoughts on “An Evening of Healing with Florademayo

  1. Film Notes: Florademayo initiated the process of a private healings by a few words . . . or by a touch … or even a spray of healing herbs . . . then she stepped out of the room for several minutes . . . Then we watched as the one to be healed connected to the divine source of their own healing — feeling and following its guidance. This is Empowerment.

  2. I want to come live near your community. I moved to South Carolina from New Jersey in 2009, and I’ve so depressed and anxious-ridden because of the culture. I want to be near a healing community that honors and celebrates the Earth. I want to live near Florademayo.

  3. Dear Florademayo, I don’t know if you will see this post, so I’m writing anyway. I saw you on Global Spirit on Thursday. You were so full of love in your heart, and I am in such need of community and honor and ritual for the Earth, I was deeply touched by you. I’ve decided to move to New Mexico in the beginning of March, and plan to contact your center as soon as we get there. I believe in being moved by Spirit, and the time has come for me to move out West. I currently live in South Carolina, but was born and grew up in the Northeast. I don’t want to deal with the racism of the South anymore, and I feel such a need to be in community with people concerned about the same issues that I am–Earth’s health, soul work, and changing the current sociological, economic, educational, etc., paradigms. I’m coming out of a very deep descent to the underworld of the psyche, which has been intense for the past year and a half, and it’s now time to bring forth what I’ve accessed at those levels to help those I most identify with. I hope to work with homeless youth when we get to New Mexico, as I have trauma in my history and am using meditation, Yoga, and prayer to overcome psychological challenges.

    I look so forward to meeting you soon. Also, the introducing host of Global Spirit–John Cleece–says, “This show may change your life.” How understated that is in my situation!!

    Love and Peace,
    Eileen Sembrot

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