2016 Journey & Workshops

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Sacred Journey Of The We

with Grandmothers from the Maori, Hopi, Sufi and Ojibwe Traditions

August 29 – September 8th, 2016 – Germany & Holland
Join us in sacred journey for all 11 days through Europe, or for 6 or 4 days in Germany, or 4 days in Holland 



This is a journey to heal the isolation and separation between people, and from our planet Mother Earth, with whom in reality we are one.

We are called together by the need for humanity to awaken to what we can sum up as the sacred Maori practice of ‘whakawhanaungatanga’ – Being connected to every living thing that is connected to Mother Earth: it doesn’t matter what country or culture or faith you are from, in the end we find each other as one people, one fano/family.

We are coming together to heal the plague of forgetfulness that is everywhere on the planet – a forgetting that we’re all part of one whole and that we all need each other to create a healthy way of living on this world. We’re speaking out. Not for one country or one group of people but we’re speaking out for the whole, to all that feel the urgency of the Now, to join us this summer in Germany and Holland.

  • Group visits to sacred places in nature
  • Ceremony, prayer, song, wisdom, and teachings from the Grandmothers who are each healers, world-speakers, and spiritual elders in their communities
  • Group-work, being together, sharing, talking circles, healing work
  • Visits by special local guest healers and spiritual elders

Click Here to read the biographies of the grandmothers

Pricing For Journey



Aug 29 – Sept 8th
Aug 29-31: Berlin
Aug 31- Sept 3: Schwarzenhof – Residency & Workshop with the Grandmothers & Special Guests
Sept 4: Travel Day, Sacred Journeying across the lands
Sept 5-8: Holland Residency Workshop with the Grandmothers and Special Guests
Sept 8: Workshop ends at 12pm, and Journey ends, Depart for Home
Exact timing TBA

Contact, Info, RSVP, Reservations, Payments, Inquiries:

Email: TheSacredWe@gmail.com / devi@sufihealingorder.org / molten.ink@gmail.com

Rev. Murshida Devi Tide: 518-505-0091
Chris Akbar Miller: 941-993-9994

To guarantee your place on the whole journey, a deposit of $1,000 USD is needed
by July 15th. If you are coming for Part, please send a deposit of $500 USD.