Sacred Journey – Kura Waka, NL (Holland): Sep 5-8

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Kura Waka Retreat Center, Holland: Sep 5 – 8

Ceremonie-ruimte.JPGMichaela, a friend of Grandmother Moetu Taiha, invites you to be with the Grandmothers at her gorgeous retreat center in the north of Holland: Kura Waka.  It’s a place of great beauty where many ceremonies have been held and many prayers shared.
This is a sacred group and individual inner journey of indigenous wisdom, healing, ceremonies for the waters and earth, connection with ancestors, walking on the land, connecting with each other, and praying for the healing of our hearts, the planet, and humanity.

“It doesn’t matter what country you are from; in the end we find each other as one people, one family.” —Indigenous Grandmothers

For centuries, the medicine carriers, wisdom bearers, and spiritual elders from indigenous tribes—including the Maori, Ojibwe, Hopi, Mayan, and Sufi traditions—have all expressed the same sacred truth: We are one world family and we serve as the caretakers of the planet, along with its multitude of living creatures, all of whom are our kin.

As we hope to transition from a society of fragmentation and separation to become a more peaceful global family, we each must heed the call to open our hearts and stand together for the good of all.

kura waka zweethut altaar april 2016.jpgIn this sacred gathering with traditional and indigenous grandmothers, we come together to experience timeless wisdom, solidarity, inspiration, and hope for the future, as we offer transformative prayers for the world during this critical time in our planet’s history.

Led by indigenous women of prayer and action who regularly travel the globe to bear witness to the wounds of people and the Earth, this special weeklong event offers traditional wisdom and healing practices that are needed now more than ever—to ease environmental degradation, war, and other social ills.

kura waka feathers.JPGAll women and men of good will are invited to this week of traditional prayer, meditation, silence, ceremony, and council. We return home with new hope, wisdom, and a deeper sense of connection to each other and the world.



Sacred Journey Registration: 500Eur (Click To Register): Includes Lodging (Hotel & All Meals at Kura Waka)

The Grandmothers

Moetu Taiha

Grandmother Moetu Taiha from New Zealand, Maori, Tuhoe Elder, member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, Aotearoa, she lives in Germany and invites us to her place in the Muritz-Nationalpark.



Eila Paul

Rev. Grandmother Eila Paul from New Zealand, Maori, Tainue Elder, member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, Aotearoa.



Grandmother Flordemayo, from New Mexico, is a Curandera Espiritu (healer of divine spirit), founding member of the Institute for Natural and Traditional Knowledge, recipient of the Martin De La Cruz Award (awarded by Congress of Traditional Medicine), and is recognized as a priestess by the Maya.



Grandmother Mary Lyons, from Minnesota, Ojibwe Elder, “Second Water Woman”,  water-carrier to her people, member of the Women of Wellbriety Int’l Council and founding member of the Nations of Wellbriety Int’l USA, active observer at the United Nations.



Devi Tide, from Washington, is Kefayat (Head) of the Sufi Healing Order and the Art of Healing Foundation,  convener of the Rainbow Journeys & Awakening Of The World Project.




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Grandmother Pershlie Ami from Arizona, Elder of the Hopi-Tewa, member of The Urban Indian Coalition of Arizona, Creator and trainer of “I am Sacred” curriculum, participant in the Hopi Tewa Women’s Coalition to End Abuse.


Our group will rest and stay at Kura Waka retreat center (Click For Website).  All accomodation (room and all food) included with the price of registration.


Location: Hooilandseweg 76, 9983 PG Roodeschool, Netherlands

Phone+31 (0)6 27 56 10 65


Click Here To Pay For Registration 500 Euros