Pronounced: faka-fa-nauhnga-tahnga

From Grandmother Moetu Taiha,  We are called together by the need for humanity to awaken to what we can sum up as the sacred Maori practice of ‘whakawhanaungatanga’ – gathering back, coming back together to become one- star seeds. It doesn’t matter what country or culture or faith you are from, in the end we find each other as one people, one fano/family.

From Grandmother Rose Pere, the Deeper Meaning of Whakawhanaungatanga is “Being connected to every living thing that is connected to Mother Earth”

In the culture of the Maori, gatherings, sacredness, family, friends, and life all come together in the Marae, the sacred buildings and gathering places they have held for generations. In the Marae, the feeling of being held, of being together, of being interconnected, of being one family are all tangible. It is in the sacred meeting house of our hearts that we carry with us at all times that we can recognize and connect in whakawhanaungatanga anywhere we go.


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