2017 Aotearoa Photos, Videos, & Blogs


My name is Bryony Rogers and I am uploading the photos, videos and notes from this trip.  I will be assisted by my partner Mark (with me at Kerosene Creek here) and other participants on the trip.


The Grandmothers gathered in Auckland, New Zealand the week before the tour officially started.  On the evening of Friday 17th February, they spoke to a group of 30 people in a beautiful, connected sharing of wisdom.

At one point the group sang E Hara together.   This video shows Grandmother Eila Paul translating the words from Maori into English, in a powerful transmission of energy and group blessing .

At another point there was much discussion of the situation at Standing Rock, and the work of the Water protectors there.  Devi spoke about the need to speak out and act, and the benefits of this speaking and acting, when we see injustice.

Sharda Centre, Taukau

Most of the group arrived at the Sharda centre at 11am on Monday 20th February and were greeted by a traditional Maori welcome from Eila Paul, Moetu Taiha and Doreen Bennett, answered by a traditional Objibwe call from Mary Lyons

.The time at the Sharda Centre was a powerful time of connecting and getting to know one another as a group.  Lots of sharing.   On the first afternoon we walked down to the sacred clearing in the woods, and sang and prayed together.

We drove to the seaside on the second day, and conducted a water ceremony, where Mary Lyons taught us to make the Standing Rock prayers, making towers of four rocks to  hold the energy of earth, air, water and fire.  We also swam in the beautiful turquoise waters.

  1. We also got the ducks very interested as we ate our lunch!


The second place on our tour was Rotorua.  On the second day here we were gifted by some teachings from the Grandmothers and some visitors, Makuinni Ruth Tai and a young woman, Katerina Pihera-Ridge, who has been supporting the Water Protectors at Standing Rock  with her Facebook Group HAKA WITH STANDING ROCK!!!  Here is a small section from Mary’s sharing at that time.

Rotorua thoughts; what follows is a impression from each of the group, typed by Daraksharn:

This is Darakshan and I’ll be gathering the comments of our tour group for you today.  We are all gathered in the big room at the Rotovegas motel (no kidding) in Rotorua.

– Waiatapu, the sacred river we visited. all of us together in the cool river, feeling the warm water and the waterfall.

– It’s the whole package of the sacredness, every moment of every day there’s more and I’m so sacred too.

– I just re-evaluated my whole life in  some way and I say ah, ooh.

– Being under the waterfall at Kerosene creek.  The force of it was quite strong but it was beautiful on my shoulders.  And I just got the biggest stash of licorice!

– Beautiful kindred spirits.

– Being together after a free day, it was lovely to be welcomed back in again

– Everything about this trip demonstrates the gifts that the universe gives all the time.  Breaking down and dropping into myself.  Helping each other break down and gather up what we need.

– The whole trip has been a whirlwind of amazing experiences.  The powerful welcoming ceremony.  The glow worms at the river in Sharda were really grounding.
Then I went underneath the waterfall sitting at the very center of all that was around me I felt at peace.  All the experiences and amazing conversations have been really eye-opening and wonderful.

– Lovely ladies and gentlemen I enjoy travelling with lots of different people and groups, all the amazing energies.  And the land, very old, natural, organic.  The songs, the sunrise, the laylines.  An essence of this land like the water from the mother. (tears)  feel what’s on the earth and what’s been happening on the land for a long time

– I’m having a great time.  it’s lovely singing and connecting and spending time.  I feel like I’ve been quite busy but having relaxing time as well.  Took myself away to do a little bit of sound meditation, channelled by an American sound healer, Tom Kenyon and that was really restoring.  I’m feeling that more as we go on the journey.  I was sad to leave Sharda but enjoyed being here in Rotorua as well

-I’m enjoying the sense of family and being well taken care of by everyone (tears).  the song singing to the soul before your conceived

-Feeling of being on fire with the presence of love, appreciate my life in Chicago is very structured and appreciating the balance of having down time, time to be with you, laugh with you, share stories with you.  We’re on the same path, we think the same way. To raise our vibration change and transform what’s out there

-I’m very grateful that the grandmothers have been pushing our buttons. There are things coming up from almost 20 years ago that I’m happy about, especially from my dreams.  at the end of the journey I hope it will be fine again….

-I’m moved by the land that speaks to me, the incredible love and care-taking that’s going on in this group

-First I want to apologize for having to be so technical (video) I kind of have to shut something out and stay in one focus and part of me feels that’s rather rude in the graciousness of the space that’s happening.  It’s a tricky role to be in.  Maybe over time trying to build the flow of that… thank you for allowing me to receive, appreciate so much your sharing last night and today.  One thing that sticks is my mind is the connection with the lake.  Energy was pretty flat.  When the young lady spoke last night and wished that the  lake could be cleaned and purified though it has not been happening – gave a glimmer of hope in my heart that someone here is holding for that.  People taking pictures but if you only knew how it could sparkle.  I’m glad we’re doing what we’re doing and talking about it.

-It’s very very beautiful hearing from you.  It’s amazing how much deeper we’ve gone since last night.  I was enjoying the gentle simplicity of New Zealand compared to USA.  IN Nature even more so.  Our little moments in Nature, gardens in Sharda and Kerosene Creek.  Beauty in city too.  Pink sunset.

-I am having a ball, such a great time getting to know you all, individually, really really well.  The other side is connecting back here to Rotorua which is home, not that often I get to do that

Bill – showing up, you are a great bunch of people and make things easy. Ke ora

-Happy to meet everyone to see this one big family with many tones.  Lots of juicy ones cause life is juicy.  Reminds me of this journey of life cause life  is a journey.  So thank you very much.

Eila – for each one of you here as you go through the roller coaster ride it is showing you your own strength and if we talk to you we care enough and we are shoring our strength

Devi – every time I get off the plane here I find a part of me I’m not generally aware of and feel I’m coming home.  The land reaches us and hugs us like a soothing balm to the soul. How we manifest that beauty with each other and on our journey.  It’s very meaningful to me when we travel together.

Eila – good morning! walking on the land at shard, dipping in the waters of kai..  Arrival in Rotorua and kerosene creek.  I can hear how many were touched by that.  and that which is being offered has been accepted.  The Ponami with the three stripes indicates the three baskets that Makuinni spoke about.  (last night in discussion)  She’s been offering the esoteric side of the language, and it used to be we didn’t.  It’s surprising and awesome.  It takes one person to say I’ll take that, I’ll take what I heard and its not an easy task.  As we begin to travel ill remind you of what she spoke about yesterday.  Sometimes something drops away so what is coming into form can emerge.  We are going to get a lot of that on the bus.  I will remind you when you feel it’s too hot, dusty, tired. etc, that this (mystical vibration) is one of the untouched pieces of New Zealand.  We’re lucky our darling Moetu was born here.  And we’re going right into there today.

Moetu -Walking my talk, wanted to be the best Moetu that I could possibly be. So you’re all reflecting things back to me that I love about myself or don’t like about myself. We are all discovering parts of ourselves. Today we are doing to a living forest, a natural park, most forests are stand alone but ours we live from it – we live in it, we live on it, we live it. We are going to a Marae, it’s an experience and a blessing, I will wear a dress but you come as you are. Into my land it feels like you are going into a different energy, like back into prehistoric energy of not knowing and not being quite there. Our ancestors are quite forceful and they will come, so if you feel ungrounded please come and tell us.

(Moetu talked about the Tangi death ceremony that was being held for her Cousin, who had died recently. The group attended the Tangi the next day).  We have the ceremonial welcome experience and we also have the ceremonial passion of the person who has passed over is the focus and there will be ceremonial speaking. You are called manukini – bird energy, transient beings, the role of the host to welcome you. For us the bereavement is not a sad occasion, there will be crying and all of that, but a lot of other emotions going on as well. When something like this happens on a journey like this is tanihana… the whole process, after three days is a ceremony to take the person to their final burying place.


After a long journey through long windy, often unsealed, roads, we arrived at Lake Waikaremonana, a sacred landscape.  We spent a powerful three days there, in the company of Dr Rose Pere, and Moetu’s extended family.

Here are some images from our long journey approaching the Lake.

On the first full day, we were ceremonially welcomed onto the Marae, the Community centre and lodge, where we were given breakfast:

In the late morning we visited Lake Waikaremoana and sprinkled ourselves with the sacred water and blessed each of the four directions.

Back at the Big Bush Lodge, where we stayed, we were gifted with profound teachings from Rose Pere’s daughter, Moanaroa Pere, on some of the esoteric aspects of Maori Culture.  We learnt about the Green stone door of Peace and the Violet flame which resides on the sacred mountain above the dwellings and manifests around the region.  These photograhs, by Denise Kerr, show this violet flame light which she was able to see with her own eyes, which appeared by the Sacred Waterfall that we went to the next day.  (these photographs were taken on an earlier occasion)

Later that afternoon, most of the group visited the Crystal Lake where Star beings live.  It is a very special place, and the group sat in deep silence and reflection.

In the evening, at dinner, at the Marae, we had a very special treat as Grandmother Rose came back to Waikaremoana early, and was pleased to greet us all and see Devi before she left us.  Sadly Devi had to leave us early, due to a family situation and needs.


The next day, we visited the sacred waterfall with Rose and invoked powerful energies with a chant for the four directions.

On the way back from the waterfall, a tiny blue bird, a budgerigar, walked over and found Evergon, our youngest group member.  Rose communicated with the bird and said that this was a blessing and that we should take care if it.  Evergon looked after the bird for a day and a half, which was a blessing for all the group, and then, when we left the area, a local person took it to an Aviary.

Here is a sound recording of Evergon, talking about the powerful energies at Waikaremoana and his experience with the bird:

And some pictures

On our last morning in Waikaremoana we were blessed to be visited by Hawaiian Kahuna Pua Case and her talented daughter. They shared wisdom and stories from their homeland with us, and chanted and sang a blessing for Rose and the group.  Political difficulties around water  and the situation at Standing Rock were discussed

On leaving Waikaremoana we drove to Napier and people enjoyed a good time resting, shopping at the wonderful Health Food shop, craft and clothes stores and enjoying the coastal city.  The grandmothers and other members of the group also shared healing sessions with the group participants one evening, which was deeply appreciated by everyone.

After Napier we drove to meet Eila’s Family at the Kuku Marae at Ohau.  Here we were blessed to hear the wisdom of Shaun, Eila’s Nephew discussing the geneology of the Maori ancestors.

The next day we visited a local area of restored wetland and heard a fascinating talk by Eila’s Cousin Lindsay about the amazing work the tribe had done to bring the land back to this state.

We shared a beautiful water blessing ceremony by the Otaki River and then Mark and I left the group.  The rest of our beloved friends travelled on to Wellington, where they stayed in a comfortable hotel and enjoyed a lovely meal together for completion of the journey.  From Wellington people flew home or travelled on to other destinations for tehir own personal journey.

Every single one of the group experienced precious learnings and sharings in our time together. Everyone was blessed by the journey we made and by the wisdom of the Grandmothers.


Personally, I can say that it has been a deep pleasure meeting with and sharing time with such powerful elders and each one of the wonderful diverse group of people in the group.  I am deeply thankful for the experience.

Aroha nui