Eila ~ Belonging ~ Planting Our Seed

Eila ~ Bellonging ~ Planting Our Seed — Extract from Parliament ~ Oct 17
MORE from Eila and Rachael, “We need to be creative in our own way. Some plant and connect through their  land that is a traveling altar. Others connect every time they plant in a garden, in any land, Some plant everywhere, in their steps as they walk ~ for they are joining the earth. Be Creative.”

Pershalie Ali ~ ‘ Wisdom ‘ Butterfly Card

Pershalie Ali ~ ‘Wisdom’ Butterfly Card ~ Excerpt from Parliament

‘Wisdom’ Butterfly Card

Today my mind and heart will be filled with Wisdom.
Wisdom to choose the words to heal and always will be conscious of the power of my words. I will use my Wisdom to know when to remain silent and listen for the true message. Today my actions will be filled with Wisdom.
Wisdom to pause and reflect on the outcome before I take action.  Wisdom that allows me to laugh when I feel Joy and cry when I feel Hurt. Today I will engage in activities that will elevate my knowledge and my spirituality.

Pershalie Ali ~ Acceptance Card +GRAND T-shirt

Acceptance ~ Now

Today I open my mind and my heart to accept all that life has to offer. I understand that I may not always recognize the lesson or value of all of my experiences and must learn to be patient and to accept that in time I will know the true meaning of all that life has given me. I accept my greatest gift of now.  And pray that I will not waste it by worrying and complaining. Instead I will use now to fill my life with happiness and success. l accept that unbalance comes when I feel I have lost control. I accept that there are times and situations that are beyond my control. But how I respond is still in my control.

G  R  A  N  D

‘G’ – – – Gratitude – – – Generosity
‘R’ – – – Respect – – – Be Responsible
‘A’ – – – Seek Accepting – – – Always Be Accountable
’N’ – – – Nurture your gifts – – – Remain Neutral
‘D’ – – – Walk In Dignity – – – Be Devoted To Love & Happiness