Pronounced: faka-fa-nauhnga-tahnga

From Grandmother Moetu Taiha,  We are called together by the need for humanity to awaken to what we can sum up as the sacred Maori practice of ‘whakawhanaungatanga’ – gathering back, coming back together to become one- star seeds. It doesn’t matter what country or culture or faith you are from, in the end we find each other as one people, one fano/family.

From Grandmother Rose Pere, the Deeper Meaning of Whakawhanaungatanga is “Being connected to every living thing that is connected to Mother Earth”

In the culture of the Maori, gatherings, sacredness, family, friends, and life all come together in the Marae, the sacred buildings and gathering places they have held for generations. In the Marae, the feeling of being held, of being together, of being interconnected, of being one family are all tangible. It is in the sacred meeting house of our hearts that we carry with us at all times that we can recognize and connect in whakawhanaungatanga anywhere we go.


~Welcome to the Rainbow Journey~

Aug. 27— Greetings Dear Friends,

The Journey Is Beginning: We Offer Our Respects: We travel into the sacred sites and ceremonies of some New Zealand Maori tribes, and then the Southwest Indigenous tribes of the United States. We are not going to these sites to look, but rather, we are going respectfully, to be with elders, wisdom keepers and healers of the people who have held ancient teachings of harmonious living over thousands of years. Our travelers are wisdom keepers in their own right, people pushed by the feeling that something is trying to be born in the consciousness of our world, and desiring to do something to support this coming birth. Perhaps you are looking at the need in Life today, and wondering what to do, like we are. Here is a place to link in – to do something in the world of ceremony, thought, deep feeling, and Life – that may make a difference.

The Indigenous Peoples: We are going to three Marae of the Maori people. Then we travel to the Southwest, to be with Mayan, Havasupai, Hopi, Apache, Haudenosaunee, Yaqui, Polynesian and Navaho wisdom keepers– maybe others. Do I know what will happen? No. But we will all come together in different locations over three weeks, and see what emerges as we sit in honor of Life, and the need of the day. Respected holders of ancient wisdom are stepping out to make this coming together possible. Yet the focus is not on these individuals, but on their teachings, a sharing of wisdom that we can take into the world.

I welcome you to come along. rainbowofbeing.wordpress.com Here we will keep in touch with photos, audio, video, and our shared commenting.

I’m looking forward to being with you on this Journey. Feel free to share this link with others. – – – Warm Regards, – – – Devi