Day 1 – Tues Oct 20

Devi Tide: Hi Everyone,
We arrived last night, at Summerville, near Zion National Park.  It had been raining on and off all day.  We stopped our caravan outside the area to offer prayers and ask permission of the land to enter.   A huge rainbow came out, arching across the sky, and then another appeared above it.  The rain began again but the sun was out.  The light reached over highlighting the land, the mountains, the sky.  We live in a world of glory.  This morning we went down to the river.  Mary did a water ceremony.  It was as if a homeopathic dose of lightness and life was absorbed by the river.  We prayed to the four directions.  A holy moment in a holy place.

Great-grandmother Mary Lyons:Standing in the veins of Mother Earth offering prayer, was a journey that will happen for all of us throughout time.  The lessons are simple, we all need the four elements of life; fire, air, food and water.  Within these simple lessons that have been passed on to all of us from our ancestors, we embraced the care of our dear beloved Mother Earth.  Today is a great day, another moment within our journey to cherish.  May you all remember the Water and how very important it is to us all.”
Eila: Zion is like a magnet for our hearts.  The rock families seem to stand as sentinels sky ward to the heavens.  As we began our chant, a sending into it’s womb, the rains brought a magnificent double rainbow.  As grandmother Pershali, gave her gifting in prayer on our behalf, to the majestic guardians to this land, how our beings soared.  As each being took us closer and closer, with many many rainbows, right to where we were to spend the night.  Prayer and action, from earth mother Papatuanuku, to Ranginui Sky Father, and to all our ancestors, greeting each other.  We were silenced into awe.
Marafet: Every morning I look at the Bowl of Saki.  Today, Oct 21, it says: “Beyond the narrow barriers of race and creed we can all unite, because we all belong to one God.” I went to the river at 6am for the first time.  It was dark.  I felt the need for the unification breaths into all directions.  In that experience I could see that our bus is like the frame of a boat – the planks are like the spine and the ribs of the boat.  Each of us who are on the trip, and all the people who are coming with us from afar, build the whole container of the boat.  Each of us are rib bones, like a singularity that builds and belongs to the whole boat.  It feels kind of like the Ark – it preserves and brings into the future what is needed. And it is open to the New

Chris Miller (Akbar): This was one of those days that was multiple days in one. We started by meeting with Grandmother Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere, the spiritual catalyst for all our Rainbow Journeys, and she told us how this journey is the fulfillment of a prophecy, that a canoe of truth would come from the lands of Aotearoa and would set forth upheld, and she felt that she was there standing at the helm of this canoe of truth, and that we were all part of this manifestation. She spoke of how in Maori the Earth is called Papatuanuku, Earth Mother, and also called the “Place of the Standing Rainbow Bridge”. She told our group that we were all on this trip for a reason – that we would be a group of Rainbow Warriors – upholding the canoe of truth, and traveling forward for healing of our Earth Mother Paptuanuku. It was a beautiful and moving experience…that was followed by an arrival into Zion that was presaged by rainbows, surrounded by a huge double rainbow, and then guided by further and further rainbows throughout the mountains.

A light rain fell as we entered the hotel parking lot, ochre mountains stood out in the sunlight around us, we were greeted, held, and healed by these sacred lands, we cannot be too thankful…the words that come to me are “A Continual State Of Awe”…I started to write a poem with this title…but the title was all I got. The title, and the feeling.