Grandmother Pershalie Ami

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.02.04 PMGrandmother  Pershlie “Perci”  Ami

Hopi-Tewa Walpi, Arizona Sand Clan “Dawa mana”  Hopi name

About Pershlie–Pershlie takes pride in being an intuitive, caring, and loving grandmother. Pershlie has a passion for growing people of all ages, and has a wealth of experience working with Tribal communities throughout the United States. Pershlie has successfully combined Native wisdom and universal principles to assist individuals to discover their personal and professional path to success, balance and happiness. Pershlie is a speaker, facilitator, trainer, consultant and volunteer. She is a writer, an author and the creator of the Butterfly Prayers. She is an active member of The Urban Indian Coalition of Arizona and has volunteered in many capacities for the Phoenix Indian Center and the Urban Indian Ministry promoting health and wellness. She is a GONA (Gathering of Native Americans) Trainer, Parenting Teacher (Parenting in Two Worlds Curriculum) Curriculum Developer (I am Sacred Curriculum) and an advocate for the Suicide Prevention.  As a grandmother she is always eager to share her wisdom and life experiences to assist others on their journey through life, as a Hopi, which means “Peaceful People”,Pershlie has dedicated her teachings  to create inner peace.