N.Z.Group Blog Excerpts

Excerpts From Participant Blogs  [newest on top]

Freedom Begets Freedom: Today, the Hari Krishna chanting behind the cafe freed us up to Sing and Chant, offering our Prayers in public.  They chanted and we replied.  Their Actions Helped Us Be Ourselves.  Shams

Our Hope: Bring people of all nations together face-to-face in actual physical contact to do sacred ceremony together in the ancient language – on the land, for the land and for the people – to acknowledge our shared values and wisdom as human beings. Today, cross-cultural, cross-spiritual, trusting relationships are essential to retrieve and reinforce the ‘original’ wisdom carried down through the ages by indigenous cultures.”  Devi Tide

Many Cameras – Many Views:  Recall the story of the blind men and the elephant. By sharing our perspective in Photos, Blogs and Commenting we get a better sense the whole of it. Shams

A Place of Healing: “There is a realm beyond time and space, beyond tribe and colour, beyond the distinctions and differences we humans make about each other. Each cultural group has a few who have an experience of this realm, and who discover that it is a place of healing and well-being.”  Siradar

Excitement: “This is all getting terribly exciting . . . and I feel in the presence of the sacred as tears overflow my small self . . .  and in thanksgiving I dwell . . . ”  Shams

Photographic Magical Moment: “When Mandela arrived, she was distressed to see that he appeared to be physically very frail. She didn’t want to create misleading images, she says, but “I just could not depict him as frail. To me, he is a lion.” The magical moment photojournalists wait for came as Mandela listened to a performance by the Harlem Boys’ Choir. “He was seated under the podium where Dr. King gave his ‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech. And when the boys came out, he sat up in his chair and just sort of puffed up, and glowed. That’s when I took that amazing shot that I was so grateful for. It showed his vision and strength and love.”  Jane Feldman Excerpt YesMagazine Article

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