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Aug. 27— Greetings Dear Friends,

We Offer Our Respects: We travel into the sacred sites and ceremonies of some New Zealand Maori tribes, and then the Southwest Indigenous tribes of the United States.  We are not going to these sites to look, but rather, we are going respectfully, to be with elders, wisdom keepers and healers of the people who have held ancient teachings of harmonious living over thousands of years.  Our travelers are wisdom keepers in their own right, people pushed by the feeling that something is trying to be born in the consciousness of our world, and desiring to do something to support this coming birth.  Perhaps you are looking at the need in Life today, and wondering what to do, like we are.  Here is a place to link in – to do something in the world of ceremony, thought, deep feeling, and Life – that may make a difference.

The Indigenous Peoples: We are going to three Marae of the Maori people.  Then we travel to the Southwest, to be with Mayan, Havasupai, Hopi, Apache, Haudenosaunee, Yaqui, Polynesian and Navaho wisdom keepers– maybe others.  Do I know what will happen? No.  But we will all come together in different locations over three weeks, and see what emerges as we sit in honor of Life, and the need of the day.  Respected holders of ancient wisdom are stepping out to make this coming together possible.  Yet the focus is not on these individuals, but on their teachings, a sharing of wisdom that we can take into the world.

I welcome you to come along.   Here we will keep in touch with photos, audio, video, and our shared commenting.

I’m looking forward to being with you on this Journey. Feel free to share this link with others. – – – Warm Regards, – – – Devi

Aug. 21 — Pillows and Airport Pickups

Hi Everyone,  Here are some reminders:   If you care about having a pillow, bring one.  You can sit on it or sleep with it in the evening or as we drive from one place to another.
New Zealand Travelers:
We will pick you up at the Auckland airport as you come out of customs.  I’ll be waiting for you from 5:30am – 7:30am.  If you will arrive later than this let me know asap.  I am assuming we are picking up everyone except Shams and Zakira, Sirdar and Mary.  If you arrive in Auckland before the 29th, but are meeting us at the airport, be there no later than 7am.  We will be loading bags at that time.

I get in from New Zealand late – close to 9pm.  Have a good rest.  Enjoy your roommate.  If you want breakfast, eat early, and we’ll meet at my room at 7:30am.  This is when our adventure begins.

Tell your friends about our journey!  They can follow us at
The more people coming with us the better.

Ask your questions in the next few days.  I fly out on Tuesday!  Much Love,  Devi

Aug. 18 — Helpful travel notes by Linda Rashida of SW US

I remember New Zealand two years ago.  Others can give a more complete list but here are some suggestions:
*Take your warmest socks or booties (fur lined) to wear on the Marae.  You remove your shoes at  the door and my feet were almost always wet and COLD.  (I really envied people with warm slippers)
*Take shoes that are useful in mud.  It can rain.
* A pair of “slip-ons” were great (loved my “crocs”) and another pair of sturdy walking shoes.
*Clothes that dry fast.
*An electrical converter  (found reasonable one at Target that everyone borrowed)
*Some of your phone plans make special provisions for travel
*Little gifts to give to people along the way.

GIFTS: In Native cultures it is good manners to give a gift to an Elder for their teachings. I took things representative of the US like sage for smudging (still in the wrapper for customs) and some crystals, Navajo fetishes (since I live in the SW)

Arizona AND New Mexico
*Clothing that can be layered.  (In the desert and at altitude it can be blazing in the day and quite cool at night.
*A light weight long sleeved shirt (to protect you from the sun during the day and warmth at night)
*Poncho  or light jacket with a hood (this is monsoon season)
*Sturdy shoes  (it can be muddy after the rains, and there are lots of thorns and stickers in the desert -even athletic sandals are sometimes not protective enough)
*A hat with a brim
*Sunscreen and a good lip balm
*A good moisturizing cream  (maybe keep a jug on the bus)
*Possibly an electrolyte mix to add to your water- The brand “Emergen-C” known for vitamin C mix. It is really important to stay hydrated in the heat and at altitude.

Gifts for the elders you will meet  (heads up — this is good manners …) Traditionally gifts were given to the Medicine People who spent their time caring for the spiritual well being of the tribe, so they were offered blankets, necessities and items used in ceremony.Traditional gifts are a tobacco, corn meal, sage or sweetgrass (sacred items used in ceremony), Stones or crystals or feathers that feel special to you. Be creative.  The gifts do not have to be expensive but should come from the heart. I often go to my altar and ask if anything wants to live with a Medicine Person. Often stones have been my best gifts  (I love the “rock people” so it comes from my heart).Definitely think of something (small in size to carry home) for the NZ grandmothers

If you like Native American jewelry and art — CASH ! Going through the reservation there are some wonderful roadside stands or possibly at the cultural center. I know this is a very busy tour, but the Native artistry is worth a stop ! Navajo style turquoise and silver, the rugs are works of art, The Hopi style jewelry is mostly silver, and very different, as is Zuni.  Hope that helps in your journey.  May it be magical and filled with sacred surprises – – – Linda Rashida

Aug. 11 — Greetings Everyone

You are all coming on the Rainbow Journey.  Some of your are traveling to New Zealand, some to the Southwest, some are coming for the entire Journey.  I’m going to communicate with everyone in each e-mail I send.  This way, weather you are coming to half our journey or all of it, we will stay together in our well-wishes for all.  First some news, then some functional details.

For the people coming to New Zealand, Eila Jamia Haqq, one of the Maori Grandmothers who will be guiding us on this journey, told me today that w Zealanders will be joining us. In New Zealand visiting Rose Pere and Tanatana Marae is like going to Buckingham Palace or to the womb of the Hopi – to the most precious place that you would wish to go – a sacred place.  They are amazed we are invited there.  We are honored to spend an entire day with these people.

For the people coming to the Southwest, we found out this week that we are invited to stay with Grandmother Flor de Mayo (one of the 13 world-wide Indigenous Grandmothers) and Grandmother La’na Saan (a deeply respected Yaki Grandmother and Medicine Woman.  They live near each other and have made this offer because they feel, in their words, ‘the power of our journey’, and want to support it.  This is a great honor.

Functional Information:
Be sure your oversea flight is purchased. You could purchase in USA flights now too. Please send me your itinerary as soon as you can.  I want to be able to keep track of all of us.
New Zealand – Bring layers of clothing.  It could be in the 70’sF or in the 40’sF, depending on where we are.  Bring a rain poncho (just in case) and and your bathing suit.  If you can, bring one set of black clothes (women, bring a long skirt).
Southwest – Bring layers of clothing as we will be in a part of the country that gets chilly in higher elevations and at night, and will be warm in the desert areas. Have a sun hat.  The resort has swimming, so  you could bring your bathing suit.
Everyone, think about bringing clothes that you can wash and will dry quickly.  You’ll be happy you did this.

I’ll keep you updated as we progress.
Much more to come,

July 30 — Rainbow Journey 

What we want to do: Bring people of all nations together face-to-face in actual physical contact to do sacred ceremony together in the ancient language – on the land, for the land and for the people – to acknowledge our shared values and wisdom as human beings. Today, cross-cultural, cross-spiritual, trusting relationships are essential to retrieve and reinforce the ‘original’ wisdom carried down through the ages by indigenous cultures.

The Schedule: On 8/27/14, Ojibwa, Maori and Sufi Medicine Men and Women will travel in New Zealand doing ceremonies for the earth with Maori Healers and Wisdom Keepers on their Marae (Sacred Space). Then all will go to Arizona and New Mexico to do ceremonies with Havasupai, Hopi, Apache, Yaqui, Polynesian and Navaho Wisdom Keepers and Healers. The group will fly to New York City, where two of the participants have delegate seats at the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. A final event will be held in NYC.

Media: Jane Feldman (award-winning photojournalist who has produced documentaries for Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu) will document this journey through film, social media and the web. Why* Making war and mistreating the earth are not sustainable practices. Beyond politics and borders we are all one human people. It’s time to return to our essential wisdom.

Wisdom Keepers: Our purpose is to bring together the original and shared wisdom of many indigenous peoples, working with sacred ancient ceremony that has been safeguarded for thousands of years, to help build trust among us. Maori elder, the revered Tohuna (re-incarnated spiritual leader) Dr. Rangimarie Rose Pere, notes that people all over the world have begun to realize our inter-connectedness. Rose asked her friend, Devi Tide, Kefayat (head of the Sufi Healing Order of North America), to initiate this movement. Individual, respected holders of ancient wisdom are courageously stepping out and forging new relationships to make this coming together possible. Yet the focus is not on these individuals, but on their teachings, our shared wisdom. And it is being discovered, again, that this wisdom appears to be the same.

Our Journey Together: The shared experience of this journey promises to help us overcome old patterns of anger, mistrust and withholding, and to sense how we are all important parts of one living, precious whole.  Please like or comment on this post or this event, and we’ll contact you about coming.  Cost of the Full tour: 7500.00 Either segment: $4000. 00 — Airfare not included — A $500. deposit reserves your space

Contact: Devi Tide email: or Phone 518-505-0091  Gwen Majida Anderson 206-706-4793

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