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NZ: DAY 5: A Day of Mountain Travel

We are blessed by a very gentle early morning mist that only aspires to be rain. It puts a slight aura of mystery over the lush foliage of native trees on the mountain slope across from our cabins. We drive on our way on a back road through the mountains. Sometimes it is paved, often not. But always it is turning quickly from left to right and back again, giving us an automotive version of rock and roll. Often, too, it is washboard that jolts us quickly up and down, vibrating us from the crown of our heads to the tips of the toes. The mechanical rattling that goes with it also vibrates our ears and hearts. It is if the road is massaging us inside and out, almost beyond the limits of endurance.

As we drive we are gifted by more magnificent mountain views, including several waterfalls. One of the latter is a magnificent water being, that moves us to stop and pay our respects.

Waterfall in the Mist - Sirdar

A little later we are gifted by the presence of a rainbow, which does not stay lofty in the sky above us, but which comes right down to a valley on our level to greet us.

Rainbow Comes to Meet Us - Sirdar

We reach our overnight stop, the Awakeri Hot Springs, where the massage is completed by a soak in the healing waters, which bring our physical bodies to a state of peace. – – – Sirdar

NZ: DAY 4: Meeting With Rose

Today feels surrealistic.  Our traveling tribe of 21 led by our women leaders, respectively walk from our lodgings at Bush Cabins across the mountain road up a wooded driveway, to Rose’s house.

I hear a voice bellowing out a Maori Chant.  I look to see where she is. But at first I cannot see her, for I am with the other men at the back of the line. Then I see her, brightly colored with a strong looking staff in hand.  Her chant continues. It finishes and we are given permission to come forth. . . Seated in a circle she first speaks of both greeting and blessing first Maori and then in English.  Soon after this welcome she is giving forth teachings with that same powerfulness of the first Maori Chant . . . the teaching comes as much from her laughter and joy as her words.  – – – Shams & Sirdar

NZ: DAY 4 —Devi Hello

Hi Everybody, It’s 5am.  Mary and I have been up for a while, chatting, doing e-mail.  I spoke to my daughter in Tansania – the world is an interesting place that we can do this now.  She said ‘I feel you are next door to me, now that you’re in the southern hemisphere.’  And it was true.

We are together.  My heart is full to overflowing.  Yesterday we walked through      I listened to Mother Nature play an amazing percussion song, full of laughter and life, through the boiling mud pools we visited.  Then, walking just a bit further I was in the presence of a huge cave, overflowing peace, deep cosmos-deep peace carrying us back to Source.  An amazing day.  Our travelers were all so tired when we got to Taupo that we ate and went to bed.

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