Jane Feldman


Jane is a dynamic photographer with a far-ranging international portfolio. Her photographic work spans from commercial work in fashion and beauty, magazine editorial, books, portraits of some of the world’s most beloved spiritual and cultural leaders, human rights work, shelter and lifestyle images,  head shots, weddings and celebrations, and intimate moments in the lives of people and their families.

What ties these seemingly disparate elements together is Jane’s extraordinary ability to connect in a meaningful way with her subjects, to earn their trust and put them quickly at ease.  She can see and capture the singular human expression of an individual, an event, a moment, or a cause.

In addition to photography, Jane has worked as a casting agent, location scout, and producer. Whether the job encompasses all of these skills or involves just a single focus, she brings to her work both an exceptional grasp of the big picture and an outstanding attention to detail.

Jane’s Web Site and Portfolios

Below is a link to an interview & photos by Jane Feldman, featured in YES! Magazine on The Spiritual side of Photographing Mandela, Tutu & the Dalai Lama. Earning the trust of the beloved world leaders – and capturing their laughter. 

Jane’s Contribution to Yes Magazine Article on ‘The Spiritual Side of Photography



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