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Register for the 2017 Sacred Journey Of The We to New Zealand!

This is a Sacred Journey of Healing. We stop, listen, and feel – with our feet on the ground – we hear the piercing call. We witness the need. We are calling all the others who witness and feel this need. Come be with us. We walk together toward balance, in kindness and conscience, one human family.

Earlybird cost: $3800 USD

Price After December 31st, 2016: $4200 USD

Contact: or

Registration & Deposit:   Mail deposit checks for $1,000 to hold your place to PO Box 1787, Bothell WA 98041, Checks should be made out to “The Art Of Healing Foundation”

Paypal Deposit: Click here to pay the $1,000 deposit online

Price includes all transportation while in New Zealand, most food (except restaurants), and all lodging. Does not include airfare to NZ (There are some great prices from the USA to NZ right now though!). 

More Details Coming Soon…

Come Be With Us!




Pricing For All Segments of the 2016 Sacred Journey

Grandmothers Perci & Mary - Jane Feldman

Berlin Evening Talk at the Rigpa Dharma Center August 30th 7-9pm

See im Müritz-Nationalpark mit Seerosen

Schwarzenhof Residency in the Muritz National Park north of Berlin, land of thousands of lakes and beautiful forests: Aug 31 – Sep 3 (4 Days Workshop)  (Doesn’t include Hotel)

  • Click To Register: 500EUR / $560 USD
  • Book Hotel Reservations Separately here:

kura waka feathersHolland Residency Sept 5-8 (4 Days Workshop) (Price Includes Hotel & All Food)

kura waka zweethut altaar april 20161-Day Commuter Cost

8. DSC04875_GRANDMOTHERS_L 1.8mbFull Journey All Hotel & Meals Aug 29 – Sep 9: Berlin, Germany, Holland

Full Journey Pricing includes Lodging, food, evening programs, transportation where necessary, after hours sessions, spending more time together and with the Grandmothers, etc.

Preise für die Reise

Alle Kosten (einschließlich Unterbringung, Essen, Abendprogramm, Transport wo nötig, Einzelbehandlungen, mehr Zeit mit den Großmüttern, usw.)

8. DSC04875_GRANDMOTHERS_L 1.8mb

Gesamte Reise 3200 EUR / $3585 USD All Hotel & Meals Aug 29 – Sep 9: Berlin, Germany, Holland

Grandmothers Perci & Mary - Jane FeldmanBerlin Abendvortrag am Rigpa Dharmazentrum August 30th 7-9pm

See im Müritz-Nationalpark mit SeerosenSchwarzenhof (4-tages Workshop) Aug 31 – Sep 3  (Hotel im Preis nicht inbegriffen)

  • Klicken Sie hier registrieren: 500EUR / $560 USD
  • Hotel getrennt:

kura waka feathers

Holland (4-tages Workshop) Sept 5-8  (Hotel und alle Lebensmittel im Preis inbegriffen)

Kosten pro Tag (ohne Unterkunft)