Rev. Grandmother Eila Paul

Eila PaulReverend Eila Paul is a Grandmother and healer who has a spiritual and physical connection to her people, the Maori of Aotearoa New Zealand, and to her culture. Eila works with the elderly, and children, to weave deep and sacred connection to the earth and all beings.  She travels through North America and Europe offering sacred seeds of knowledge and healing.

Eila is a dream-weaver, creating fantasy and magic through interactive story.
She is able to take people into a world of magic with our traditional stories with song and dance. Eila is a practitioner of Hawaiian Lomilomi-massage and she’s also a minister, able to marry people.

Eila is currently the co-ordinator of The Sharda Retreat Centre, whose philosophy is the Sufi Path of Love, Harmony and Beauty.   Most important in her life are the children and grandchildren.