Southwest USA

9-9:        Arrive in Phoenix and stay in hotel overnight (we’ll give you details on how to get to the hotel)

9-10,11:  Stay in Sedona at the mouth of Boynton Canyon, and meet with James Uqualla, member of the Havasupai Tribe, a well known Medicine Man and Wisdomkeeper, and Adam Yellowbird has invited us for a private Inipi (Sweat Lodge) in nearby Cottonwood. Adam works extensively with Healers and Wisdom Keepers in South America and the Tribes of Turtle Island, and organized the Return of the Ancestors several years ago in Arizona where the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor dance was fulfilled.

9-12,13:  Travel along the south end of the Grand Canyon to visit Reubin Saufki and other elders, healers and wisdom keepers of the Hopi people.  We’ll stay at Second Mesa at the Hopi Cultural Center.

9-14,15:   Go to Chaco Canyon, an ancient hub of ceremonial activity (recently there were artifacts found there from the Mayan people) and then visit Randolf Thompson Jr, a Navaho Medicine man, and stay at his Hogan and learn some of the medicine ways of the Navaho.

9-16:  Travel to Taos and stay at the Starlight Ranch, a place of stone temples and Labyrinths.

9-17,18:  Travel through Apache territory to the Mimbres Vally and the Thunderbird Lodge. We’ll meet Grandfather Gil Aguilero and Grandmother Gloria Beltran, and her husband and son who is an Apache medicine man.  They will share Apache ceremonies and blessings.

9-19:  On our way back to Phoenix we’ll stop at San Xavier Misson, where the Yaki and Tohono meet. Our journey end the night of 9-19 at a hotel in Pheonix.

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