SW 2014 Journey

SW 2014 Journey

September 18th Update: Wrapping up the SW portion of our journey

Dear Friends,

Our journey has been extraordinary, beautiful, soulful, and emotionally overflowing. Today the roads in the Mimbres Valley were overflowing, so we decided against going to the Thunderbird Lodge. Instead, we stayed in Silver City and honored our Grandmothers by having offerings from Grandmothers Mary Lyons, Percy Ami, an Apache Grandmother named Gloria, and with Moetu and Eila.

The reflections ranged from teachings and storytelling from Mary Lyons, an exercise from Percy, to a ceremony from Moetu and Eila welcoming everyone in the Maori fashion. It was a beautiful and full day, and we were all happy to take an extra day at the beautiful Murray Hotel, an eco-friendly hotel owned by Sufi friends here in Silver City.

Last night after driving all day from Grandmother Flordemayo’s house in Estancia, NM, we were greeted by the Sufi community and Sarmad led a beautiful zikr with around 50 people.

Grandmother Flordemayo (one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers) hosted us, cooked us a big pot of quinoa veggie stew, and shared some of her visions with us. We then watched the movie about the 13 Grandmothers: check it out here http://www.forthenext7generations.com/

More soon…tomorrow we head for Tuscon and then Phoenix, our last day together as a group before New York.

We love you ~

Mary and Devi in NZ 2Day 4 –  Update from Devi

Hi Everyone,

I’m sitting on my bed at the Hopi Cultural Center.  It’s early morning, the sky is crystal blue and the air is fresh and clear.  Everything growing is green today, a result of all the rain.  Cactus and many other flowers are blooming here. The day is pregnant, ready for the ceremonies to come later.

We’ve just come out of two days in Sedona.  We arrived in North America – Turtle Island – on the 19th and crawled in to bed.  On the 20th we were invited on to Turtle Island with prayer, laughter, sacred song by representatives of the People -Clarolyn West  Merino of the White Mountain Apachi, Patricia Federico Ruiz, Hispanic Latina, Fatima Harlim, African American, Celina Mahinalani Garza, Hawaiian Native and Ann McCommas – Arizona native and Herman Lavatai, Samoan.  All these beautiful people who live in Phoenix make up part of the Indigenous Community.  We spent 5 hours together and felt thoroughly welcomed.  I especially remember the greeting, similar to the Maori greeting, of Celina and her mom – a deep communion of spirit and our morning prayer from Lakota Elder Reverend Mary Louise Frenchman.

Here are some impressions of the last few days – the things that are emerging from the group I’m sitting with– what we are learning so far:

  • Trust, respect and communication – the importance of those energies in the midst of our path
  • Connectedness
  • The early morning and evening sun on the mesas of Sedona
  • The Cucina Woman – a holy site to sit beneath -a stone woman, part of the mesa structure in the Valley near Sedona
  • The unseen ancestors, and illuminated souls who have come before
  • Last night, the feeling of the ancestors
  • The prayers that greet the day here – respect for the land, the food, the people, our showers, we are becoming as aware of the water as the corn growing outside the window
  • The laughter – its good medicine.  Balance – it’s good medicine.
  • Leadership – in any given journey there needs to be one head.

So good morning everyone.  It’s a beautiful day

Day 3 – Update on our Journeys So Far

We have experienced so much in our few days in the SW. After an opening circle and welcoming with the group in our hotel in Phoenix, we went to a welcoming ceremony arranged by friends of Grandmother Susan Stanton. This was a heartfelt and sweet welcoming into the Southwest by Lakota, Polynesian, Hawaiian, and others in the Phoenix Native American Community. We laughed till we cried, danced, and ate incredible hominy, homemade corn, beans with hamhock, green chile pork, pasilla, and more. Then we drove to Sedona, and spent the next two nights there.

Percy, a Hopi Elder we met through Grandmother Susan, has offered to guide us through Hopi Lands, and welcomed us to the land, speaking of the power of Sedona for her people, their traditions, and the teachings available in the place itself – “It’s like being in church all day just being here,” she told us.

That day we also met James Uqualla, a Havasupai man, and walked to a sacred power point in Sedona known as Cachilla Woman, a beautiful red stone – photos to come – where we payed our respects.

The next morning we left for the Grand Canyon, where a major teaching was awaiting us on our way to the Hopi Cultural Center in Second Mesa. Tomorrow we will meet Reuben Saufke, and the Hopi People, to pray, do ceremony, and do what spirit guides, and what our guide Percy guides.

A rich and incredible journey – we sing each day the chant Rose Pere sang first for us, led by Eila Paul and Moetu Taha.

Sedona Morning Panorama by Jane Feldman from Day 2

Sedona Pano Jane Feldman

Welcoming and Greeting in Phoenix – The Grandmothers ArriveDSC_0142_s

Warm Greeting for Grandmother Mary Lyons at the WIld Horse Pass Hotel in Phoenix

Eila Paul, Mauri Elder (center), is ecstatic to arrive - With Moetu Taha (left)

Phoenix Sunset from the Plane - Day 1

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